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UDEX University offers graduate degrees and combined graduate degrees for working adults and students interested in advancing their education while continuing their career.
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UDEX University advocates that people are the key to service excellence because a contact center's performance is most influenced by the capability of its workforce.  Moreover, it is the quality of leadership, more than any other single factor, that determines the success or failure of a contact center.    

Increasing recognition of the contact center as the critical link between an organization and its customers is heightening awareness of the importance of quality leadership.  The world's top performing contact centers share the common trait of  talented and inspiring leadership.  These centers have a team of executives and managers that make a demonstrable impact on the company’s success by positively influencing the behavior and performance of others and instilling a sense of commitment to excel.  

UDEX University, in collaboration with contact center practitioners and industry experts from around the world, has defined the characteristics of superior contact center leadership and management in the form of  job role  competencies.  These competencies indicate mastery level knowledge, skills and abilities that when applied on the job result in outcomes indicative of: 

  1. Multi-disciplinary expertise that influences and contributes across the organization
  2. A foremost focus on executing to accomplish business goals
  3. Know-how to achieve and sustain performance that balances and increases efficiency and profitability (and productivity and performance)
  4. Role model leadership that inspires and empowers people to do their best 

In the past only those with many years of contact center management experience possessed expert competence.  But in today's fast growing and changing contact center environment  there is not time for a long learning curve.  Instead, the competence underlying high-caliber contact center leadership and management must be deliberately cultivated.  This is why UDEX University Certification was created.   

UDEX University Certification equips contact center leaders and managers to excel in the disciplines critical to business success.  By developing and validating mastery-level job role expertise, UDEX University Certification is cultivating a new breed of executives and managers who create and sustain contact centers that consistently deliver exceptional service, optimize customer value, and contribute to the organization's success.  

The first and only of its kind, industry-sanctioned, competency-based UDEX University Certification is the benchmark for effective contact center leadership and management.  It is the only accredited professional certification in the customer contact industry and the only certification program administered and governed by a not-for-profit industry body.


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