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UDEX University offers graduate degrees and combined graduate degrees for working adults and students interested in advancing their education while continuing their career.
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UDEX University is one of the leading universities catering to the educational needs of thousands of working adults and students through its comprehensive Life/Work Experience Degree Program.

Accredited & offering a diverse range of majors are being offered under the Life Experience Program. You can also recognize your lifelong learning without attending classes and appearing in exams. All the majors and courses that we offer are frequently reviewed, and new majors are also added in order to expand the range of professional fields.

The Philosophy Behind UDEX University
Firm believer of the philosophy "higher-education-for-all", UDEX University has been serving the community needs for many years. UDEX University has taken a step further from the traditional Ďbrick-and-mortarí learning structure, where a learner is required to attend classes through virtual or real-time mediums and conduct course assignments. UDEX University was one of the first universities to have the realization that this method isnít that effective where time and money are the major concerns.

In contrast, UDEX University believes in the 100% recognition of experience and knowledge, and its due acknowledgment through appropriate & accredited life/work experience degrees. That is the reason why UDEX University is able to offer such a diverse range of majors in virtually each and every domain of life.

Knowledge, from our point of view, has no boundaries or limits. Conclusively, the journey of exploration of oneís self-enhancement starts right here at UDEX University

Evaluation Faculty- An Intro
The evaluation faculty at UDEX University consists of a group of like-minded, learned and foresighted professors and teachers. UDEX University recruits its faculty from numerous educational institutes on full-time and part-time basis, as well as it hires the services of professionals from various fields of specializations. There are honorary members as well, whose experience and insight are commendable.

The faculty at UDEX University is responsible for evaluation of the candidates who apply for the Life Experience degrees. Not only this, but the faculty is also responsible for the re-evaluation and revision of the majors in the Life Experience program.

Student Services
In order to facilitate the students in their pursuit of Life Experience degrees, UDEX University offers comprehensive and consistent student services. It includes 24-hour functional Help and a full-fledged and speedy Education Verification System.

At UDEX University, through the use of technology, innovation and competence, our caring staff and faculty ensures that it maintains a one-to-one relationship with their students. Hence, UDEX University guarantees that the human touch quality is maintained throughout the process of applying for a Life Experience degree and its acquirement.

Partnership Programs
In order to support education at all levels, UDEX University has developed a comprehensive partnership program for corporates and community colleges. Our variety of traditional and fully - accredited degree programs enable us to provide students with more options in communities far and wide.

Through the Community College Program Colleges, after becoming our member, can obtain accredited degrees in their desired field for their students availing our special discounts. As from the point of view of the corporate world, UDEX University can join hands with leading ventures and cooperate in the skill enhancement program of their employees.

Job Prospects
UDEX University offers exciting and prestigious job prospects to its students. The university has a variety of on-campus and off-campus jobs and internship opportunities that students can explore. It provides a range of training, internships, and employment opportunities and avails a host of other resources to provide the qualifying and competent students with hands-on work experience and skill development in areas like the administrative and the evaluation faculty.
Policies and Procedures
UDEX University has definite and well-defined policies and procedures, to which it strictly adheres to:
  • UDEX University also shares and respects student's concerns about privacy and hence it works upon the guidelines of
    non-disclosure of personal information.
  • As for the procedure, UDEX University grants Life Experience degrees only through a definitive and comprehensive evaluation process and hence, there are no bypasses or exceptions to this system.
  • The decisions of evaluation faculty at UDEX University are independent and irrefutable.
Residency Requirements

UDEX University does not require on-campus residence or formal classroom attendance. Students may complete all course work, examinations, reading, research and writing requirements through independent study. UDEX University has students throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.

Open Enrollment Policy

UDEX University utilizes an open enrollment policy which allows students to work at their own pace without the stringent guidelines presented by the traditional academic year. Students may graduate at any time throughout the year provided all academic and financial obligations have been satisfied.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Admission to UDEX University is open to all persons who meet the admission requirements and qualifications of the University. In all programs or operations of the University, no distinction is made between persons on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, age, disability, national origin, marital or veterans' status.

Where to go from here?
The salient features discussed above would have clearly given you an idea in regard to how UDEX University is playing a forerunning role in the field of Life Experience recognition and accelerated learning. Conclusively, the journey of exploration of oneís self-enhancement starts right here at UDEX University.
The Intended Activity For UDEX University & Learning Association (Graduate University & Organization)
Student and university services remote qualifying and selling time on computer sets, that is through internet,  postal correspondence, selling high med ready educational programs, making scientific documents and scientific license and technology. Also, collecting studentís papers and making them categories then distributing them to make evaluating them for reaches and curriculum and making correction also it is making electronic meetings and training programs for clerk men and qualifying people who have special needs, also making evolutional tests for people who have practical experiences supporting their skills by documents, high scientific evaluations, making consultants, researches, engineering administrative, scientific, technological, commercial, economical and advertising researches that motivate practical skills clerk men by honoring them, giving them certificates to raise their sociological state, Also, by making scientific, lectures administrative, technological fields,  also making production educational programs and training on them and giving authorized documents through making training developing solutions at administration of human resources. Also issue the authorized certificates and legal documents.

Also Training of higher education students for 140 college hours, and 180 college hours programs and issuing verified certificates to students. Also, as an advisory body for universities, colleges and institutes offering sponsoring and registration certificates. As well as issuing Employee career CV Passports and offering academic consulting services and studies in various fields.

Accreditation & Endorsement Certificates
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